Welcome to Texting Games

Free Text Message games. Play all day from anywhere. Play games like TicTac - a free Tic Tac Toe game where you play against your friends. Or, spend time in a Text Chat Room where you can send Shouts.


You can play Tic Tac Toe against your friends using your phone and text messaging. Play Tic Tac Toe

Choose a nick name and keep track of scores (coming soon).

Shout It Out

Send free Shout Outs and see them on the web. Chat with others in real time. It's fun. You can even get reply's to your posts. Go to Shout IT, free text message chat room.


Online coupons and text message coupons for Hagerstown, Chambersburg, Winchester, and Frederick

NEW: Texting Pets

First ever pet that texts.  Webkinz link animal that sends text messages to your phone.

Cute pets that will actually send you text messages. It's the best Gift Ever. Click here details.


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